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Strengthen your involvement with the Friends of the Library by signing up for a committee.


  1. Attend TIF Commission meetings and/or Attend Port Authority meetings as a member of the Friends of the KC Public Library to observe, take notes and silently serve as the support organization of the Library. Compile notes and email them to the Committee Chair copying the Board liaison.
  2. Track proposed legislation (state and federal) impacting public libraries in Missouri. Communicate recommended action for members of the Friends to take to committee chairman and Board liaison for approval.
  3. Recognize that the Library CEO and Public Affairs Director have final approval of all written and oral communications made on behalf of the library to elected officials. Time requirement -- varies by meetings scheduled by TIF and Port Authority.

Book Sorting

Participate in sorting books at the warehouse in Westport. Time requirement – approximately 2 hours monthly Saturday mornings / weekdays

Book Sales

  1. Participate in set up, selling/straightening/greeting customers, and/or taking down books at sales locations. Time requirement – 2 ½ hour shifts.

    Set up sale usually 1:00 – 5:00 pm the afternoon the sale opens to members only. Work during the public sale, straightening books, greeting customers, accepting cash or using electronic sales tools library hours, usually Friday/Saturday. Box up books for recycling or use at another sale.
  1. Keep one kiosk well stocked with a variety of books, CD’s, DVD’s and audio-books.

    Pick up materials from the warehouse in Westport. Communicate with branch staff about kiosk sales and patron/customer interests. Time requirement – as much as five hours each month.

Social Committee

Participate in planning and hosting social activities for members of the Friends
Time requirement – varies. Plan all aspects of at least four events per calendar year. Serve as host/hostess at the events including

  1. Annual Holiday Cookbook Sale Preview Party the first Friday in December at the Plaza Library—work closely with library liaison staff.
  2. October – Young Friends ticketed event in recognition of and appreciation for challenged/banned books, booze, and lovers of ideas –work closely with Young Friends Board.

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